This Is Not A Video.

It's a Caply — a perfect DOM recording of the original website.

Try using your mouse in the Caply recording below ↓

Use Caply to create captures of new product features and bugs that your team can use to more easily share updates.

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Reproduce Issues In A Breeze

It's 2020, you shouldn't have to decipher opaque instructions on how to reproduce an issue. A Caply recording shows exactly what happened.

Inspect The HTML

Since Caply renders to HTML, your favorite inspect tool works with Caply. Peer into any bit of the HTML and see exactly what happened on the page.

Better Than Staging Environments

Even if the original page is deleted, the Caply is permanent. View what your page looked like in a different build without spinning up another server.

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Since we've all gone to work remotely, we need new ways to share what's on our screens.

We're building a new way to experience, collaborate, and show off your products on the internet.

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