Caply Is No More

In the summer of 2020 we started Caply from this belief that there was something missing with how people communicated their ideas online. While text and video were easy to get across there wasn't a medium for communicating experiences. We set out building Caply to fix that problem.

In the end, we didn't find what we set out to look for. But we found something better. We learned the joy of building something that really helps solve people's problems, and developed an insatiable itch to build new products and tinker on things that could change the world. Caply was loved by many people, and we personally learned a lot about what’s needed to build a product and a business.

It's now time to shut down Caply and move on to future projects. What's next for us? We don't know. But we're just as eager as you to find out.

Shalom & Hima