Give UI Feedback Right On Any Website.

With one click, you can capture any page, comment on it, and share with teammates.

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Awesome for capturing recordings of webpages without the size requirements of video.
⸻ Jonathan B.
I don't write a review unless something truly deserves it. This deserves it. Absolutely incredible tool ... Extremely easy to use. Well done!
⸻ James M.
With Caply, you can create interactive screen recordings with two clicks. Honestly feels like magic.
⸻ Jorge S.
No More Long Message Chains.

Instead of giving UI feedback separately from the UI, why not just comment on the UI itself?

They Aren't Pictures.

We capture your entire website. So you can resize, hover, and scroll through any bit of the page.

It's Takes Only 3 Steps

Install The Extension

Capture The Website

Comment On Your App

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Since we've all gone to work remotely, we need new ways to share what's on our screens.

We're building a new way to experience, collaborate, and show off your products on the internet.

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